On Giving

This is the debateably one of the toughest struggle the average man wages inside of himself at the sight of a beggar: To  give or not to give? Why should I give to others? Why should I  forego a specific need to help another?  Why can’t they work? Why won’t the government provide an enabling environment for people to work and earn a  living? Why, why, why?

It is okay to feel this way, to feel even the slightest bit of frustration at the sight of another man begging without pride. It is fine to want him to work hard–afterall hardwork is ‘always’ crowned with success. It is a normal human instinct to feel just a bit wary of parting with your ‘sweat’ to a total stranger. It is all fine because we are human–just like the beggar out there.

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Watch “Miley Cyrus – “Wrecking Ball” PARODY” on YouTube

Funniest parody eh

Love, Friendship, Happiness

“I want someone who will love me for who I am, not someone who is trying to change me”

Love requires that every man accepts you just the way you are. It does not try to visibly change you; it doesn’t ask that you become less of yourself. It sees you for what and who you are, and chooses to accept you good and bad.

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Lessons from an unlikely source

There is a thing or two to be learned from those we consider the scum of the society. While their lifestyle may not be appropriate, we cannot totally rule them out as never do well. These are people who know what they want and go after with in a manner that is quite foreign to the upright man. They want and they get it because they apply the right attitude.

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